Verifying JS function calls

Now that we have embedded the JS library and followed the Quickstart guide to using the JS library, lets verify that your JS functions calls are working fine.

Step 1. Viewing all JS function calls in developer console

Access developer console can be located in your CustomerSuccessBox instance from (?) icon Help > Developer Console

Or by visiting the following URL (replace domain with your instance domain name)


Viewing Events Logs

View events logs by selecting "Event Logs" tab.

All JS function calls are displayed in real time under the "Events" Tab in the developer console.

~Realtime: Expect a delay of 60-120 seconds.

Refresh Page: You can refresh the calls using the "refresh" button, next to the search.

Filters: You use the filters to search for a particular call, as required.

Limitations: The most recent 50 calls are loaded by default. Additional calls for upto one week (7 days) can be seen by moving forward across pages. Calls prior to 7 days are not available.

Step 2. Verify calls are reaching the server

Make sure all function calls that are made here reaching the server by matching your calls displayed in the "events logs" in the developer console.

Step 3. Verify data accuracy

  1. Account and User Id. Review that Account Id and User Id are present in all function calls.

  2. Correct feature/module/product names are present in each feature function call.