JS library FAQ / Help / Troubleshooting

I have pushed my data using the JS library. Now what? When will my Accounts to be created in CustomerSuccessBox.

I cannot see find the account I just created?

I have created an Account using JS account function call but I cannot see find account.

All Account and User functions are processed overnight (not real time). Hence expect accounts users to be created in CustomerSuccessBox the following day. Processing queue starts 00:00 hours GMT, and can take upto several hours before it is completed.

I want my Accounts and Users to be created and their properties updated immediately.

While this is not possible using JS library, but this can be easily achieved using our API calls.

I have pushed all events, now what?

Now that you have pushed all events, do inform your colleagues typically your head of customer success and your CustomerSuccessBox (CSB) Onboarding manager or Customer Success Manager from CSB. Once you'll inform them they will be able to leverage the key data points you have started pushing to CustomerSuccessBox, to configure Account health, Alerts, etc within CustomerSuccessBox.

I need help. Can some one look at my code?

Sure. We're always happy to help. You can certainly share the code snippet in whatever language you're coding and we'll have an engineer review it for you. While we may or may not have expertise in your choice of language, but we will try out best to help you out.

Can I talk to a developer?

We'll be happy to arrange a remote working session (typically ~30 to 45 minutes) with a developer from CustomerSuccessBox for a developer from your team. This will is a fastest approach to get implementation going.