Account function

analytics.account (#account_id, #attributes)

This function provides support for creating and updating an account.

All requests made by JavaScript client library are processed daily at the start of the day 00:00 GMT for requests received for previous day.

We recommend leveraging our HTTP Server API to create and manage Accounts so that any new account or attribute change is reflected in real-time and there are no delays.

analytics.account(#account_id, {
attribute_key_1: "value",
attribute_key_2: "value",
attribute_key_n: "value"


analytics.account("ACME343rq", {
parent_account_id: "ACME4675tr",
name: "Acme Inc.",
licenses: "10"

For a list of available Attributes, refer to Account Resources. Only those fields are allowed which aren't marked as Read-only.

Limitation: Account call will be processed overnight.

All Account and User functions are processed overnight (not real time). Hence expect accounts users to be created in CustomerSuccessBox the following day. Processing queue starts 00:00 hours GMT, and can take upto several hours before it is completed.

If you wish to process this in real time, then use API calls instead of JS library.